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The Network is an all volunteer organization that has not had any funding for a number of years.  It is run by a dedicated group of folks in the field who are passionate about maintaining what was once the U.S. Department of Education's funded network of campuses dedicated to addressing collegiate alcohol and other drug issues.

To help make sure California Network members stay as connected as possible, I (Jim Lange, California's volunteer State Coordinator) have funded the website and newsletter distribution out of my own pocket.  To be sure, it's not a lot of money to maintain this Internet presence. In fact, it's basically the cost of a few cups of Starbucks coffee a month. 

If you've benefited from the information on this website or newsletter, perhaps you can help out.  With just a few clicks, you can help replenish my coffee fund. 

Please note that The Network is not actually a corporation, charitable or otherwise.  Again, now that there is no funding, there is no actual dollars to create a corporation.  So you would be giving me the money directly and cannot use this as a tax deduction.  Thus, I'm suggesting only the smallest of monetary help. 

Click here to "Buy Jim a Cup of Coffee ($1.25)" via a PayPal.Me.

Thank you for helping keep The Network CA going.